La tecnología más avanzada en desinfección de aire interior

Indoor air purifier, ENERGIO air, a unique, advanced and exclusive technology

The action mechanism of the catalyst of the ENERGIO air system is designed to eliminate any organic compound dissolved in the air that passes through the photocatalysis chamber, from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to prokaryotic cells with cell walls, thus reaching all the microorganisms present in the air: viruses, molds and yeasts, bacteria, fungi and their products (mycotoxins, allergens ...).

The ENERGIO air purifier has been designed with the most advanced and efficient technology in the sector. Its operation is based on the treatment and sanitization of indoor air, achieving a top air quality. It eliminates environmental pathogens, all organic compounds and particles, living or inert, dissolved.

It is a system that is based on a studied and proven system that uses the oxidative photocatalysis process which belongs to the so-called AOTs (Advanced Oxidation Technologies) with the ability to eliminate pollutants in the gas phase by means of UV energy with the help of photo activation.

In addition, it has the maximum power that guarantees molecular conversion without discrimination by size. Its size induces more time for the passage and permanence of the microorganisms through the catalytic reactor. It is the necessary process to guarantee the elimination of bio-particles in higher concentration and more extreme situations.


How does ENERGIO air purify indoor air?

The operation of the purifying device is based on two semiconductors used as catalysts (TiO2 / ZrO2) and photons in the UV range of the solar spectrum as an energy source that generate free radicals that act by oxidizing organic compounds and purifying the air.

The system that operates in the ENERGIO air catalyst mechanism has been designed to eliminate any organic compound dissolved in the air that passes through the photocatalysis chamber, from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to prokaryotic cells with cell walls, which means it eliminates all microorganisms present in the air: viruses, molds and yeasts, bacteria, fungi and their products (micro toxins, allergens ...).

In addition, the technology eliminates toxic compounds that cause bad odors, generally containing N or S (hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, mercaptans ...).

The elimination of pollutants is achieved by forcing the air to pass through the device's photo-catalytic reactor, where the chemical reaction takes place.

Who may need ENERGIO air? Its applications:

Nowadays, the need to control indoor air quality is becoming more evident and for this a greater control of pathogens in suspension is necessary.

This need to breathe the highest quality indoor air arises in all areas: companies and individuals. All require systems that remove environmental pollution effectively and safely.

That is why the ENERGIO air solution that uses PCO (PhotoCatalytic Oxidation) technology covers multiple sectors including medical-health, laboratories and research centers, transport, education, offices, public administrations, food distribution, gyms, restaurants, hotels, leisure, houses and buildings in general.
From the health point of view we find different advantages, such as the continuous elimination of agents that can damage our respiratory system making us ill in some cases. This continuous disinfection also affects odors, eliminating them, as well as the concentration of small particles. The treatment can also be used to disinfect surfaces and reduce the amount of dust.

Photocatalysis as the definitive solution for application in interior spaces
Energio air

The secret of the qualified efficiency of the air purifier is its continuous operation, running 24 hours, and its exceptional and high capacity of elimination of microorganisms in a single pass.

This system is not based on an air filter, but is a unique system designed to destroy pathogenic particles and in the same action eliminate VOCs.
This process takes place inside the ENERGIO air purifier, in its sealed reactor chamber and has self-cleaning properties that prevent the creation of organic deposits on the surface.

It is a proven technology, its use for decades in the food, clinical or pharmaceutical sector with success cases makes it ideal for its commercial application with full guarantee.

On the other hand, from the energy point of view, this system means that our equipment needs less maintenance. At the same time, it contributes to comply with the RITE in terms of air quality (RITE is the Spanish Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings that regulates matters related to the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning and domestic hot water production facilities) helping hospitals, laboratories, offices, museums or entertainment venues in large surfaces.

It is not a filtration method used to trap or store contaminants, so the size of the particles or their composition is irrelevant; Because it breaks the chemical links of organic matter and does not store particles or gases (VOCs).

Meet our range of ENERGIO air 250 Purifiers

If air pollution is one of your main concerns, with ENERGIO air, you will have:

  • 24-hour air and surface protection
  • Fully compatible with the presence of persons
  • The Unique Solution for a COVID-19 free indoor space
  • Generates a healthier air in buildings

Its characteristics are:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • DOES NOT produce ozone
  • Its activation is photonic
  • It is considered green technology
  • A single annual maintenance
  • Removal of the contaminant, it does not modify it as other technologies do
  • Adapts to all different installations
  • Works at room temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • It is not a filter
  • Does not store pathogens or allergens, it eliminates them
  • The only chemicals needed are TiO2 and ZrO2 and the O2 present in the air
Energio air
Installation and versatility

ENERGIO air devices are installed autonomously in any indoor space This type of installation reinforces its performance due to an independent operation by zones, constantly mixing the fresh air already treated with the existing one still untreated and through the movement of natural air and the forced air of the room itself. On the other hand, the elimination capacity is further improved by the ducts of the various air systems already existing within the indoor environment itself.