Project of Energy Efficiency

  • Stage I: Energy Audit

    An energy audit is a description and analysis of the energy balance of a building with the aim of understanding dynamic energy of the system and to identify possible points of improvement and energy saving, always maintaining or improving its environmental comfort.
  • Stage II: Design of the Strategic Energy Plan

    Energio presents a plan of actions and savings to the client that includes, for a fixed period of time from the implementation of the project, the savings guaranteed by Energio and the state of the installations after the end of the contract.
  • Stage III: Implementation of the project

    The measures may be of different typology and scope. These can be aimed to reduce consumption, improve the efficiency of equipment, replace the conventional energy sources for renewable energy sources, modificate the consumption habits of the facility, etc.
  • Stage IV: Operation and maintenance of the project

    According to the approved plan, Energio will carry out actions of management, maintenance and energy control of the installation. Since its correct development will affect the achievement of the expected savings, the actions may be associated with the equipment installed by Energio (operation and maintenance of equipment), as well as be independent related to energy management of the building that suppose an added saving for the client.
  • Stage V: Periodic monitoring, measurement and verification

    Throughout the duration of the contract, Energio must establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure and verify the savings achieved by the energy saving measures implemented. In these metrics it is necessary to carry out a control of the energy consumptions of the installations and an identification of the obtained savings.

End of Project