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Smart City Services and Products of Energy Efficiency

The final objective of a Smart City is to achieve efficient management in all areas of the city (urban planning, infrastructures, transport, services, education, health, public safety, energy supply, etc.), while satisfying the needs of the city and its citizens.
In particular, the objectives set in the area of energy efficiency, at EU level, the European Union set in 2008 the so-called "20/20/20 Objective", which aims to achieve for 2020:

• A 20% improvement in energy efficiency.
• That 20% of the energy comes from renewable sources.
• A 20% reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.
Apart from energy strategies established at higher scales, a municipality can contribute to these goals in multiple ways.
At present, cities are moving towards models that can reduce individual and global energy expenditure, through which the large imbalances between energy generation capacity and energy consumption is compensated. In this sense, Energio has much to contribute with its Smart City solutions and its energy management and maintenance platform: SIGME.

Our Smart Light solutions – Smart Building – allow to execute a complete energy management of urban lighting of buildings and public installations.

Integral Solutions Smart City

Platform Smart City

It is an comprehensive city platform based on the use of intelligent technology (Big Data, IoT and M2M, sensors, mobile technologies, 3D visualization, cloud platforms, etc.), which allows to improve the quality and efficiency of the services provided.

Smart City Energy

A.- Comprehensive Energy Audit: Outdoor and Indoor

B.- Strategic Energy Efficiency Plan

C.- Energy Efficiency Measures

Energy Efficiency Measures


  • LED technology
  • Auto transformers
  • Smart Dashboard Network
  • Telemetry and Telemanagement
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Counters


  • Certification of Sustainability: LEED / BREEAM
  • Construction management / Installation
  • Maintenance

Financial Model

  • Sell Equipment
  • Technological Renting

Implementation of ESMs (Energy Saving Measures) for an energy-efficient city or as of buildings and facilities of public use.

ESMs Smart City

ESMs Indoor


Renewal of conventional LED technology (lamps and luminaires) and implementation of regulation and control systems, improving lighting levels and energy efficiency. Possible savings of up to 80% of lighting consumption.


Protection devices and optimization of the power supply that improves line impedance, reduces the over-current and harmonic peaks and balances the input voltage, achieving a reduction in consumption. Possible savings from 10% of total active energy.


Devices and systems (hardware and software) for telemetering and remote management of building energy variables. Possible savings from 5% of total active energy.

  1. SIGME

Integral System of Management of Maintenance and Energy, it includes in a same platform of consultation and interaction the documentation blocks, energy management, maintenance and remote mode.


Supply and installation of intelligent counters that allow to accurately collect the hourly consumption, sending the data to the distributor automatically.

ESMs Outdoor


Renewal of conventional urban lighting technology by LED (lamps), improving lighting levels and energy efficiency. Possible saving of up to 70% of lighting consumption.


Adequacy to the number of lighting lines that manages each control panel, including control systems, type of recommended protections, etc. Possible saving of up to 40% of electricity consumption.


Devices and systems (hardware and software) for telemetry and remote management of urban lighting. Possible savings from 5% of total active energy.


Supply and installation of smart meters that allow to accurately collect the consumption of the lighting network, and at the same time identify deviations from the pre-established consumption profile.

Energy efficiency services for a Smart City project

Services in Smart City

Energy Efficiency Action Plan

Compilation of previous information:

  • Integral Energy Audit
  • Proposal for energy efficiency actions
  • Economic valuation

Management of Construction/Installation

Control and monitoring of all aspects related to the execution of the work (technical, aesthetic, environmental, etc.), in accordance with the project that defines it and the mandatory authorizations.

Start up of Installations:

Drafting of the protocols for commissioning and carrying out tests and field tests, in order to verify that the operation of the executed installations complies with the requirements of the project.


Consulting for obtaining international certifications: ISO 50001, ISO 14001, LEED, BREEAM and others.


Management of the maintenance work of the executed installations, both preventive and corrective, by means of the prevention and diagnosis of possible damages and the quick and effective resolution of the incidents that arise.

Grants and financing

Analysis and management of possibilities of public subsidies and private financing, for projects of energy efficiency and sustainability.