SIGME Integral system of management of energy and maintenance

System composed of a web application (SaaS) SIGME and a hardware installed with a central element as heart of the system.

It facilitates the energy, environmental, quality, economic management and maintenance of one or more installations through: Capture, Standardization and Treatment, Visualization of all relevant information as well as Automation of control...

SIGME Platform Monitoring::

  We execute both turnkey and adapted projects depending on its current stage.

  • Redesign and/or Installation
  • Sale of hardware and/or integration of existing one
  • High and integration of the equipment, Databases …


  • Electricity, Gas and Water.
  • Submetering or Energy Management System. ISO 50001. Energy Saving Measures
  • Telecontrol of expenses, schedules, rates
  • IPMVP. Líneas Base. ISO 50001. ESE´s
  • Inventory of facilities.

 Data Analytics. Treatment of big data.

Global solution to the needs of Energy, Environment, Maintenance and Economic management (derived from energy supplies), which becomes the union of all the people involved.

3 keys for success


The best platform for energy monitoring in the market, developed by Energio, that is based on a platform of IoT in order to integrate different verticles of the what the client requires.

2. Energy Management

The only team of engineers of energy management that work with the most demanding certifications:


3. Cooperation with the Client

We integrate customer management systems with our technological solutions and maintain permanent coordination with the customer to continuously improve their energy efficiency.

SGE: What is it and why SIGME?

The FUTURE is to offer services based on WEB SYSTEMS that allows to centralize all the know-how of the customers (BIG DATA).

SGE: SIGME: What do we measure?

Electricity: Active and Reactive Energy, Power, Intensity, THD, Harmonics, etc.
Fuels: Gas, Diesel, etc.
Liquids: Water, Thermal oil, etc.
Heat and/or Cold: Thermal Energy, Flow, Change of Enthalpy, Boost Temp and Return
Independent variables: Outdoor and indoor temperature, Humidity, Radiation, Occupation, Production level. Integration with external Databases ...
Ratios: Yields, POPs, etc.

Converts data and information on energy performance of buildings into useful knowledge for all persons involved in energy management.

Access to the SIGME panel
Telemetry and Telemanagement
Access to document library
Remote monitoring of facilities
Alarm Reports
Access to the 3D plans of the installations

SIGME brings added value to the client

Energy management supported by submetering

Energy management supported by submetering

Distributed demand information.
Consumption Optimization, Baseline and Performance.

Administrative Centralization of Energy Consumption

Administrative Centralization of Energy Consumption

Fiscal counter locks (Electricity, Water, Gas, Other)
Billing Simulator
Comparison between invoices

Preventive and corrective management alarms

Preventive and corrective management alarms

Deviations from normal values.
Latent consumptions, events, excesses, leaks, etc.
Improvement of the maintenance of the facilities.

Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

Real-time tracking of the carbon footprint
Baseline calculation under IPMVP protocol.
Data dump of liters of gasoline, coolant ...

Definitions of KPIs

Definitions of KPIs

Generic: ISO 50001
Customized reports, IPMVP…