Replacement of LED lighting technology

Replacement of conventional lighting technology by LED technology. Interior and exterior.


Device of PEO

Protection of the whole electrical installation against peaks or voltage drops.


Smart Building

Integral Maintenance and Energy Management System (telemetering and telemanagement)


Equipment of Conditioning

Replacement of equipment by efficient equipment manageable in remote mode.


Photovoltaic self-generation

Configuration: internal network connection with energy surplus spillage


Energy Saving Measures

The energy saving measures may be of different types and scope. These can be aimed to reduce the consumption, increase the efficiency of equipment, replace the conventional energy sources by renewable energy sources, modificate the consumption habits of the installation, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

ESM 01. Replacement of LED lighting technology

→ Turnkey implementation of LED lighting technology, with savings estimated to reach up to 75%.

→ Energio takes charge of the prescription, installation and maintenance management of possible replacements of all equipment.

→ In all cases, the quality and quantity of light offered will be higher than the current ones, adequate and in agreement with the client. With 5 years guarantee.

ESM 02. PEO DEVICES (Protection and Electrical Optimization)

→ Protection of the whole electrical installation, against peaks or voltage drops.

→ Voltage stabilization and phase adjustment of the electrical installation, in order to suit the consumption of the loads.

→ Reduction of the existing reactive energy in the installation.

Estimated savings on lighting consumption ⇒ Up to 10%

ESM 03. Smart Building / SIGME

Integral Maintenance and Energy Management System (telemetering and telemanagement)

ESM 04. Acting on HVAC equipment

→ Increase of the interior comfort

→ Reduction of consumption and emissions

→ 5 years of total warranty

→ Telemanagement

Estimated savings on HVAC consumption ⇒ Up to 30%

ESM 05. Photovoltaic self-generation

→ According to Spanish framework: RD900 / 2015 and RD1699 / 2011

→ Configuration: internal network connection with energy surplus spillage

→ Installable power up to the maximum contracted power

→ 25 years of lifetime

→ Telemanageable

Savings estimated for the installed power ⇒ Up to 100%

ESM 06. Hot domestic water production using hybrid solar thermal energy

→ Combines the advantages of heat pump and solar thermal collector technologies.

→ Guarantees hot water of 55 °C for 24 hours a day.

→ The primary circuit does not need to dissipate excess heat.

→ No ducts, fans, or defrost cycles.

→ Superefficient compressor of low-power.

Estimated savings on on energy consumption of production of hot domestic water⇒ Up to 40%

ESM 07. Smart Metering

The smart meter is a measuring device that records the actual reading of electricity consumption performed on an hourly basis, remotely.
Features of Smart Meters:

1.- Measurement and transmission of real-time electricity consumption data: telemetering

2.- Facilitates the optimization of the supply and a more efficient management of the Network: telemanagement

ESM 07. Other technologies

Variable Frequency Drive

Application on elements that have an electric motor (fans, centrifugal pumps, etc.)

Direct energy saving by reducing fan speed or pump speed

Improved flow and pressure control

Corrections of power factor of motors

Elimination of reactive energy

Less maintenance, noise reduction, etc.

Laminar Flow Stabilizer of gas:

The current regulations allow variations in the pressure of up to 47.1% for piped gas (natural gas) and 80% for propane gas. (GLP).

Static in-line mixer that stabilizes gas flow

It generates a laminar mixture stabilizing the pressures of the gas that arrive at the consumption apparatus.

Implementation of infrared heating equipment:

Direct emission of heat (low range of infrared emission of long longitude)

Transforms 98% of the energy it consumes into heat

Heating plates for the interior and exterior

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