Energy Solutions, Services and Products of Energy Efficiency

We offer solutions that can be implemented individually or in combination in the installations.


Identification of Solutions

Strategical Plan of Energy Efficiency


Replacement of LED lighting technology


Implementation of ESMs (Energy Saving Measures)

Energy services that generates savings in energy consumption

Energy Audit

Execution of inspection, study and analysis of the energy flows of our clients with the objective to analyze the data of the energy consumption.

Energy Savings Measures (ESMs)

Energio has the capacity to execute the necessary installations in order to produce savings with the identified ESMs in the previous study and the executed plan.

Strategical Plan of Energy Efficiency

With the Audit as a base, we execute an action plan which suggests a serie of measures of correction in order to improve the installation and reduce the energy consumption.


In our services we include certifications of sustainability: LEED, BREEAM and VERDE, which are based on protocols of EVO.

Identification of Solutions

1.- Energy Audit

Execution of inspection, study and analysis of energy flows in a building, process or system with the objective to gain understanding of the dynamic energy of the system under study and be able to carry out an evaluation. There are 3 different phases:

  • Capture of Data
  • Analyse
  • Summary
2.- Strategical Plan of Energy Efficiency

With the analyze as a base we carry out an exhaustive diagnosis of the installations, evaluate different possibilities of savings, improvements of the efficiency and diversification of energy and the impact of the energy cost and the maintenance, as other benefits and related costs. We plan through a technological and economic viability study every potential improvement in order to guide the client in reducing its energy consumption.

Our energy services:

We offer an integral solution for every client that is customized to its consumptions and necessities. Every suggested measure of energy savings is based on a comprehensive study and previous analysis of the current energetical situation.

Benefits with contracting Energio

Technical Benefits

Energio bases its benefit on the energy savings produced for the customers.
We have a qualified technical team with extensive knowledge and experience on which projects are more profitable and save more energy in each sector. Therefore, the project will be executed with the highest technical guarantees and the best technical and economic solution will be adopted.
Energio is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the project and that it works in accordance with the agreed specifications.
Energio guarantees the technological renewal of the facilities, improving the competitiveness and productive assets of the client.

Financial Benefits

Energio can provide financing for the implementation of projects. This allows the client to have his financial resources for other projects at disposal, that is, to maintain his capacity for indebtedness and, therefore, investment, without any change in the financial statements derived from the implementation of the energy saving project.
Immediate reduction of energy costs without the need to make any investment.
At the end of the operation, the customer will own some equipment in perfect state of use without prior investment.
Immediate benefit on the customer's results account, since from the commissioning of the installation the energy bill decreases.

Savings in parts of the consumption

With the implementation of the ESMs (energy savings measures), energy savings in different parts of the consumption are achieved.

LED Technology up to 75%
Network Protection and Optimization up to 10%
SIGME management platform approximately 5%
Photovoltaics 100%