Oxidación fotocatalítica ENERGIO air 250 devices

There is an ENERGIO air 250 air purifier for any location where indoor air quality is a priority.

Indoor air quality, and therefore greater control of airborne pathogens, are two of the main concerns worldwide. Health, industry, transportation, commerce, or our own daily lives, require new, cleaner and more efficient technologies to effectively eliminate air pollution. The use of Photo-Catalytic technology and in particular of our ENERGIO air indoor air purifiers, cover multiple sectors of the market today, including medical-hospital centers and research, storage and preservation of perishables, cold rooms, processing of food, transport, security protocols, leisure, residential sector, general building maintenance and a long etcetera.



The technology used to optimize indoor air quality is photocatalysis which removes and destroys harmful airborne microbes and volatile organic compounds. The photo-catalyst used in the equipment is titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), which cancels the emissions derived from hazardous waste.

This air sanitation technology uses nanoparticle science to create a dioxide (titanium and zirconium) membrane that is photocatalytically active without lamination. To energize the catalyst and activate hydroxyl radicals that react chemically with VOCs, the ENERGIO air 250 air purifier uses UV light, special germicidal lamps emit a high intensity ultraviolet light
In the case of our technology, the hydroxyl radicals created during photocatalysis remain totally trapped within the apparatus and do not emit OZONE. ENERGIO air does not use ionic charging technology to attract and trap air pollutants, but instead uses a turbine that forces the interior air through the catalyst.

ENERGIO air air purifiers do not need ducts or special wiring and can be placed on any wall. They are installed by our technicians on the day and ensure proper installation. Once the equipment is installed, it is connected directly to a standard power outlet and it is switched on. Our air purification systems are designed to operate continuously and require only one annual maintenance. There is a small dust filter located in the air inlet to protect the fan and prevent the possible entry of foreign objects.

It is not a filtration method used to trap or store particles or its composition is irrelevant due to the fact that it fragments the chemical bonds of organic matter and does not store particles or gases (VOCs).


Infection control (nosocomial), mold reduction, elimination of volatile organic compounds, protection against airborne bio-agents, odor reduction, cross contamination reduction, tuberculosis, legionella, the common cold and other contagious respiratory diseases, allergen elimination , Virus and bacteria.

Aplications, sectors:

Hospitals, Health Centers, Operating Rooms, Clinics, Waiting Rooms, Medical and Dental Consultations, Pharmacies, Laboratories and Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries, Veterinary Centers, Residences for the Elderly, Homes, Nurseries, Schools, Sports and Wellness Centers Office Buildings, Leisure Centers, and a long etc.

Integral Service:

We take care of the whole process. The hiring of our services includes:
• Advice on quantity, type and location of equipment
• Installation and commissioning service for purifiers
• Annual maintenance of ENERGIO air equipment
• Replacement of U / V lamps
• Replacing the battery of the equipment
• Replacement of dust filter

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