Contract of Performance

Once the Energy Strategy Plan and the technical aspects thereof have been agreed, it must be translated into a contract between Energio and the contractor.
This contract, usually called Performance Contract, will specify the conditions under which the project will be developed, including, but not limited to, the duration of the contract, the energy saving measures to be developed, the savings guaranteed by Energio, the baseline of consumption and the methodology of calculation of the savings, responsibilities of Energio, the form of payment, etc ...

The customer obtains a new, more efficient installation, without the need to invest and receives energy savings from the very first day.
ENERGIO offers as main innovation in the Energy Services sector, the Technological Rental Contract with Total Guarantee, where we offer our customers the possibility of accessing our Services and Technological Products without either Financial or Technological exposure, with the Maximum Guarantee Service and functionality, as we and our Partners guarantee with our investment throughout the term of the Total Guarantee Technological Rental Agreement.

Technological Rental Agreement with Total Guarantee

Financial Models

1 . Purchase of equipment

2. Rental without bank involvement, without investment from client

The contract includes an agreement of distribution of savings from the beginning of the project: the customer reduces its energy bills from the first year of contracting with Energio. Once the contract is finalized, the customer will notice reduced costs in the energy consumption guaranteed by Energio.
The Technology Rent Agreement with Total Energy Guarantee provides our clients with the implementation of energy saving measures, agreed upon, without the need to make any financial or technological effort during the term of the contract, this provides the maximum guarantee of service and functionality, since we and our Partners guarantee with our investment and throughout the entire term of the Technological Rental Agreement of Total Guarantee.

a.- Do not penalize

b.- Total guarantee

c.- Payment of monthly qoutes and final payment when choosing purchase option

Scheme of contract