Energio is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) with integrated solutions:

We are dedicated in producing energy savings without any investment, through the implementation of LED technology, Autotransformers, Building Automation, Telemetry, Remote Management and Maintenance, among other services in energy efficiency.

International Presence
Executed Projects

Our model of turnkey projects, with installation and maintenance, provides savings from the very first moment, without technological nor financial risks.

Energio provides energy services in a specific installation or building, in order to achieve savings with the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency and generation that entail savings of energy consumption.

Energio, is an Integral Energy Services Company, which has been operating in the national and international markets since 2010.

We have executed more than 400 successfull projects of Energy Efficiency for our clients in different sectors (Hotels, Shopping Malls, Distribution, Hospitals, Municipalities, Financial Entities, Electrical Companies, Industries among others). In some cases, Energio has undertaken the projects on its full responsibility and in others we have established cooperation with our partners (Elecnor and Telefónica) and thus we possess the experience and capacity to face complex projects in Energy Efficiency.


Selling, Technological Renting, Contracts of Global Energy Services, allow us to give the most suitable solution in interest of our clients.

In addition, we offer a broad catalogue with solutions for Smart Cities, such as Intelligent Urban Lighting, waste management, public participation etc. in projects for municipalities in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Energio is proud of its consolidated position in the sector of energy efficiency since more than seven years, with several successful cooperated cases, supported by the distribution of well-known brands such as OSRAM, PNE, TOSHIBA, IINO, SHARP and others. Energio has carried out projects in several office established companies, universities, logistic operators, hotels, laboratories, parking lots, restaurant chains, franchisee, factories, shopping malls, banks, public lighting…with more than 250 satisfied clients since 2010.

For the execution of the integral energy management , we make a complete analyze of the activity, process or installation. We define weaknesses and potential threats as improvement ponits of the energy system.

We take charge of the financing of the project by structuring the most adequate mix.


Energio has unified its forces, through a framework agreement, with Elecnor with which we execute projects together. Also, we are a commercial partner with Telefonica for companies in the market of Energy Efficiency.
In a cooperative manner with our partners, we execute turnkey projects in an integrative way by implement ESMs (Energy Savings Measures), for big Spanish and international companies.


Energio, is an integrating company of ESMs (Energy Saving Measures) and we offer a wide catalogue of complete solutions for our clients.


Energio and Elecnor maintain a strategical agreement, which contributes to the capacity of execution on national level, international presence and finance.


Energio is a commercial partner of Telefónica on the Spanish and Latin American market for big clients and projects involving Smart City.


Our wide experience as an ESCO, specialized in energy services and products, dedicated exclusively to energy saving of our clients, both, guarantees and endorses the professionalism of our services.

Our commitment is to offer the highest quality in all our projects. We comply with all the legal regulations in force (risk prevention, certified installer, etc.) and we are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for the improvement of internal processes.

The client doesn’t assume any technological nor economical risk since all necessary equipment for the implementation of the project is managed by Energio, which gives a total guarantee during the period of the contract.

During the project the equipment of the client’s facilities is renewed, which, once the contract expires, becomes the property of the client. During the contract the customer has a total guarantee of the equipments including the maintenance.

In all projects, we make a follow-up with the objective to control and measure the impact of the implemented ESMs which guarantees the energy and economical saving of the Strategic Energy Plan agreed on with the client.




Energio has the ability to combine several technological solutions necessary to obtain energy savings. This integration of services allows the client to outsource all the energy requirements of the company, focusing on the central activity of the installation, thus being more efficient energetically and operationally. In short more profitable.


Energio, is an ESE whose vision is to contribute to directly achieve community, national and autonomic objectives of energy saving and promotion of renewable energies. Through our services, energy savings of between 25 and 40% of the consumption can be obtained in large facilities, thus improving the facilities and the environmental quality of them. We execute  turnkey projects.

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